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Carren Mattson

I was born and raised in a small town and a small town is where I hope to be again someday.  I am a mother of four wonderful children, three whom are grown and one  that is still at home.  I am a Christ follower and hope to shine my light for Christ every day. 

The women in my family are nurturers and care providers and many have chosen a career path in providing care for others.  I always knew that I wanted to be a part of birth work, but did not have the opportunity until 2015 when I resigned from my corporate job and became a doula.   

Although every birth was different, one thing is the same: it's a day I will remember forever. The opportunity to witness the birth of a baby and be present on this monumental day is truly an honor.  My goal is to inspire and empower women to have the best childbirth experience possible. 

My birth doula fee is $800.00. I believe every woman who desires a doula deserves a doula. Please ask about payment options. I offer the following discounts: $50 off for a planned home birth assisted by a midwife. 50% off for single parents, and partners of deployed soldiers planning a hospital birth.


I am also offering placenta encapsulation services please contact me if you are interested in that service. 

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