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Carren was AMAZING during my birth, and the weeks leading up to it! When I arrived to the Birth Center, Carren immediately went into Doula mode and helped me navigate the parking lot while contracting, and helped me to my birthing suite. By the time I made it to the birth center, I was 9 cm dilated, so the contractions were STRONG and very frequent. She started applying sacral counter-pressure like my Hypnobirthing book suggests and it feelt AMAZING and helps to take the edge off. Right before I birthed my son, Carren could sense a transition in me, and started giving me the most uplifting words to let me know that I CAN do this, and she let me know how strong and amazing I was. She got me through the "ring of fire", and was just incredible. 
I can honestly say that I had exactly the birth I wanted. Carren was instrumental in me achieving my "perfect birth", and I am so so SO glad I had the birthing team that I did! Carren providing me with the support I needed, when I needed it, and her knowledge of Hypnobirthing techniques was invaluable. Knowing that my body is capable of birthing (a very large baby) on its own has made me feel strong, capable, and to be honest, I was pretty in awe of how well I was able to handle everything as it happened - from the intensifying contractions, to the "ring of fire", to pushing him out, I was just amazed at what I could do. Regardless of how our next birth experience is, I will always be so grateful for this birth and the knowledge and power it has given me.

The first thing my husband said as we were driving away with our new addition: "I am SO glad Carren was there - she was awesome, just totally awesome. She knew what she was doing, and I could tell you felt so safe and supported". 

"Carren was literally a game changer in our most recent delivery! I would have never been able to have the natural delivery I desired without her there!!! My husband wasn't sure about having a doula but after this experience he agrees she was more than incredible! Her support, knowledge and care was priceless in this experience!"

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