Personal Goals:

 1.  Take time for myself- maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily

 2.  Take time for my family- be sure to have a family meal/night at least 3 nights a week. 

 3.  Take time for Christ- begin each day with prayer/song/reading from the scripture. 

Academic / Professional Goals:

 1. Stay present in my studies- submit assignments by soft due dates. 

 2. Maintain a 3.5 GPA

 3. Make a difference in my community

Midwives College of Utah Bachelor of Science in Midwifery Program Goals*:

 1.  A midwife of technical expertise

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare students to practice at the full scope of the Certified Professional Midwife credential through the demonstration of broad, integrative, and specialized knowledge.

 2.  A midwife of professional excellence

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare students to practice within their own communities and synthesize applied and collaborative learning. Students will engage in the maternity care system professionally and ethically at all times.

 3.  A midwife of personal greatness

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare students for reflective practice and a perpetual commitment to contribute to the professionalization of direct-entry midwifery.

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates to educate others in their profession and in their communities.

*Midwives College of Utah. (2012). Midwives College of Utah Institution Goals. Retrieved from:

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